How to be healthy?

Surely, each of you dream of the skin body and represent how his/her life had to be when he/she had less weight.

But you don’t think that it could be true. 

Of course, if you have a big overweight, you have to work for one year? Or much time?

But if you have a correct weight but your body doesn’t look like on the photos you can change it. You only need to lose a few pounds but how to do it?

I will show you maybe one or two tips once a week and you try to make it. Ready?

  1. After breakfast you should consider, as an example maybe it’s 7 o’clock a.m. and you have just finished breakfast, think „Ok, so next meal I will eat at 10 o’clock……” and so forth. Why 10 o’clock? Because you must eat (about 5meals) what about 3 hours.
  2. Do schedule for work out! In this add exercises which you surely will do! And which you like. But this training schedule is for 12 week. You focus on event for one week. Must learn how to be responsible and get used to it. b66

So apply for a week my 2 tips and enjoy! In comment write how it went and what was the most difficult. And maybe write what is your tips to lose weight.

At the end remember:

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