My birthday!


Hello! Today I’m gonna tell you how I’ve spent my birthday.

It was in September and I’m sorry guys because of my absence. I didn’t have any time, I am in medical class so I learn a lot. I will try to add it.

So my birthday.

Amazing time with amazing valuable people. But at first it had to be a normal day with a majority of wishes from my friends. They gave me a lot of presents but the last of them was quite simple but the best of all. My friends took me outside but it was one condition. I had to going with them all over time with……. bud of balloons which they gave me when we met.

It was exciting but crazy.

In the four-person group, early evening, we were going… it means 3 friends and small me with  seventeen balloons hung on the red ribbon. Seventeen because that day I was 17.

It’s fantastic, isn’t it?!

And next we wandered and the entire world thought probably what is she doing with these balloons!! And every asked of course. And then I screamed „I have a birthday and I have to be unique, today I must stand out!”

So they smiled and answered „so best wishes, girl!”

And some asked „How old are you?”

„I am seventeen”

„Oh, young..”- I heared.

Because I am young, am I not?

And the best action was when we passed the little group of boys. Some of them said then to us:

„Oh, how beuatiful!”

And next two of them went to us. Our conversation started. And we went to the river together. We stood there and we chatted, and people on the other side of river also have fun.

Next reached to us still friends „ours boys”

My friends- girls started to sing me „happy birthday” and even the group of people on the other side of river were singing with my friends (I didn’t sing because they sang to me).

I felt like I am a princess or someone exceptional.

Next some of people which I saw on the other side of river, went to us and they were wished me besties.

Next we sat on some stairs with the bunch of strange people which treat me and my girls like best friends.

I will never forget my seventeen birthday.

Never, never, never.

And evidence of this beautiful day is that I have a few photos. Let’see one of them:



It’s me and my balloons. I can’t show you more of them.

And with my birthday associate to me two songs which you’ll see in my next post.

So come on and let’s watch the post and songs which remember me best days of my life!

I hope guys you’ll like it.

Best wishes for you!



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