Songs which remember me best days of my life!

Number 1 and 2 associate to me with my birthday! If you didn’t read here is it:

3. It remind me my times of the childhood…. beautiful times…

4. And this song causes that I am thinking about holidays, and I miss summer..

5. This song reminds me that I was falling in love with Justin Bieber 4 years ago and today I like him a lot 🙂

6. And this is connect with my ex-friend. She was fantastic girl and like a children we listened this band of 2 girls and dreamed that we are celebrities. Let’s see:

And this is the end.

I hope guys you’ll like it 🙂


Music which never get bored me!

Hi! I CAME BACK! Do you enjoy? 😀 And my chat about music came back too.

I back with new ideas and inspirations. My posts will be appears  on every weekend. Generally on Fridays, but expect their on Saturdays and Sundays too.

So, let’s start! ❤


„Traces of time, your under my skin and my skin is on yours… Baby if we are falling in love. Even when we’re not together now I would never lose  you in the crowd, even when the sky is falling down”


„Wh-wh-wh-what did she say?
Mmm whatcha say?
Mmm that you only meant well?
Well of course you did
Mmm whatcha say?
Mmm that it’s all for the best?
Of course it is..”


„I hate you, I love you
I hate that I love you
Don’t want to, but I can’t put
Nobody else above you
I hate you, I love you
I hate that I want you
You want her, you need her
And I’ll never be her…”


„Oh some time, we’ll chase dreams
Oh some time, we’ll break free
Oh some time, we’ll be one
Then we’ll know
We’re brothers in arms..”


Baby, please don’t go
If I wake up tomorrow will you still be here?
I don’t know if you feel the way I do
If you leave I’m gon’ find you
Baby please don’t go, go, go, go
Baby please don’t go, go, go, go
Baby please don’t go, go, go, go
Baby please don’t, baby please don’t…”




Wish you neverending August!

Hi, guys!

Every day passes fast, we know! But what we have to do if we have remedy this fleeing time?

I have for you many tips!


  1. Wake up earlier! You will have a longer day and a of  of energy and time, of course!
  2. Plan your days because in this way you won’t slime in house or be bored!
  3. Go to the gym, swimming pool, every concert, every party!
  4. Meet with friends, daily 🙂
  5. Don’t look at weather. Even when it’s rainy because even then you may have a lot of fun.

And therefore, go to the …. everything you want! There are vacations!

And wish you neverending August!

What do you think about?- news

It starts with news, your opinions.
So what do you think about……
Washing your hair everyday??
Our hair needs rest and Care. Do u wash your hair every day?
In my opinion hair are important to every woman and if our hair are greasy we must wash it because adipose they don’t look good and we feel unhappy. But I often see women who have greasy hair. I Wonder Then what are the doing? It’s A rest of shampoo or  neglect?
But how you treat your hair? For me washed hair=care bout my hair=good looking=good feeling
Write me about your washing. And thanks for All!







Selena and Met gala 2016

s1Let’s look like this pretty girl!
It’s Sel!
Her outfit surprised I think every selenator. But I suppose I like it. 
There’s something interesting in it. We see a modest, girlish outfit, but it’s still Louis Vuitton!
So for me amazing. Like this style. It’s something new amongst all the old classic dresses2







Metgala 2016 and the damnedest clothes!

Hi! Today we’ll have a confab about weird or beauty celebtitys’ outfits.

Firstly, sweet couple: Zayn and Gigi. Zayn is my love, but Gigi it’s not my favourite. I loved Zayn when he was in 1D, now it’s only my love but his music leaves a lot to be desired. But clothes, not loving….. Hadid’s had a boring long dress for me and Zayn’s suit was beauty. Blindsided me his armor? Or what was that? New fashion? Zayn’s caprice? Idk…but it was matched to the theme of the event:  „Manus x Machina” 🙂



Next, we’ll see Kylie and Kendall! Their dresses were the best! And I think that if I must participate in every gala I’d wear the same! It’s extremely elegant! Look!


Demi’s dress in my opinion made her look fat. These colours aren’t nice for me. I don’t want to offend Demi or her fans. She has pretty smile and hair and….. But I evaluate clothes and this dress reminds me chinese patterns :O  maybe fashion isn’t my cup of tea. 😦


Blake Lively in her sweet dress, looked like spring 😉 It’s not my style but colours are perfect. The ornate cape was beautiful. Oh so lovely.


The great idea had Claire Danes! She looked like a queen and I would like to wear a brilliant gown. Brilliant in every sense of the word. So pretty on both at noon and at night. And it was matched to the theme of the event!


c3Ok, to be continued….

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