My fav skirt

It’s my fav thing which I bought a Long Time ago!





I hope you’ll Like it! 💖


Leneska aka summer girl! : ) (just me)

Hello! Today, I send you good vibrates and a great melody from my heart. It’s a little crazy sunny sunday. I have a session for you. I’m going at the little street of my small city. I enjoy this beautiful day, hopes you enjoy too. ❤

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wish u good day!


Metgala 2016 and the damnedest clothes!

Hi! Today we’ll have a confab about weird or beauty celebtitys’ outfits.

Firstly, sweet couple: Zayn and Gigi. Zayn is my love, but Gigi it’s not my favourite. I loved Zayn when he was in 1D, now it’s only my love but his music leaves a lot to be desired. But clothes, not loving….. Hadid’s had a boring long dress for me and Zayn’s suit was beauty. Blindsided me his armor? Or what was that? New fashion? Zayn’s caprice? Idk…but it was matched to the theme of the event:  „Manus x Machina” 🙂



Next, we’ll see Kylie and Kendall! Their dresses were the best! And I think that if I must participate in every gala I’d wear the same! It’s extremely elegant! Look!


Demi’s dress in my opinion made her look fat. These colours aren’t nice for me. I don’t want to offend Demi or her fans. She has pretty smile and hair and….. But I evaluate clothes and this dress reminds me chinese patterns :O  maybe fashion isn’t my cup of tea. 😦


Blake Lively in her sweet dress, looked like spring 😉 It’s not my style but colours are perfect. The ornate cape was beautiful. Oh so lovely.


The great idea had Claire Danes! She looked like a queen and I would like to wear a brilliant gown. Brilliant in every sense of the word. So pretty on both at noon and at night. And it was matched to the theme of the event!


c3Ok, to be continued….

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